Online Status

The Curse Of The Online Status

“Social media is life really…what are you gonna do without social media…how are you going to connect with people?”
I’ve personally met some rotten apples with thousands of followers and exceptionally amazing people with few or no followers.
“The number of followers doesn’t make the person, it’s really who you are and what you do”. 
Like Vivienne Westwood told me (when I met her at a collection opening in Forest Hill called Horniman museum) – “Too many people want a following but have nothing important to say”. 
Instead of desperately trying to create a platform, make sure once you have an audience, even if it’s just one person…what you’re saying is relevant to life and bettering the world. 
“The purpose of life is to create something that nobody has ever seen”.
These are the reasons I love gatherings like @PepperYourTalk and networking events where you get to meet people in person and talk with your mouth and not your fingers. Remember that life is for living. 
Having said that my Instagram and tumblr is my space for pictures I’ve personally loved but may never make it to my modelling portfolio. The time and effort spent creating these images deserve the shine they receive and the internet allows that on an international level.
“Socia media is the process of how you’ve made it…a visual CV of everything you’ve done. You can track the progress of a creative almost like a timeline on a visual scroll”.
We are the present and the future will see us as the past, it’s our duty to inspire so find your passion and become your biggest fan.

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