Beauty And The Breast

Beauty and the Breast

ModernCommunications Breast Cancer awareness Campaign


What is Beauty and the Breasts? A social media breast cancer awareness campaign targeting Women of Colour between the ages of 18-30. It encourages women to get into the regular routine of checking their breast for changes.


When ModernCommunications first contacted me, I showed interest but only because it was for a good cause…the thought of me having breast cancer went over my head. This was the assumption Modern communications wanted to target and get rid of within the black and minority ethnicities.


Why Women of Colour…Research has shown that ethnic minority women are far more likely to die from breast cancer due to late detection.


You may or may not have known that as a member of the itty bitty titty committee I too have feigned ignorance at the thought of breast cancer. Not based on my ethnicity but more so my lack of actual breasts, however having next to nothing breasts does not make me immune from breast cancer 😦


This is a message to women…of any race and from every background. Check, Touch and feel your breasts.


Early detection can save lives.

Beauty & the Breast group shot

Thank you to Modern Communications for putting the campaign together.

Photography: Karl Lake 

MUA: Bernicia & Paloma

Hairstylists: Kirby Ricardo

Creative Director: Taija Leorelle

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