Letting Go

Let It Go

Saying goodbye to 2015


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As the year comes to an end most of us make the conscious effort to re-evaluate our life.

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I like to look at what propelled me to do more, changed me for the better and most importantly what excited me.

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If something or someone does not add to my life then its time to let it go. Do not drag it into 2016 and waste any time or energy.

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Growth is important, be mindful of the company you keep as that will play a major role. Perfect the art of letting go and realigning your focus. With every new experience comes a blessing or a lesson.

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Loyalty and comfort does not justify the weight of burden. Be it family or friends sometimes we just need space, maybe not forever but at least for a little while and thats okay.

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Accept that letting go is not failure, sometimes its the complete opposite and necessary to win.

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Nothing should drag us down and backwards, in life we need to move forward and upwards.

Photography Anya Sandul

Stylist Alex Canizares

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