Notting Hill Carnival

Long Love Nottinghill Carnival

Long Love Notting Hill carnival inspired by the beauty that is carnival. Following the yearly negative reports on Notting Hill carnival and Brexit…I decided to get a team together and promote the right parts of carnival. The largest street festival in Europe originated in 1964, as a way for the Afro-Caribbean community to celebrate their own culture and tradition.

We teamed up with Gal-dem; an online platform empowering women and showcasing their opinion and views on political matters. I love carnival and embrace the positive light it sheds on Afro-Caribbean culture. Set up at the end of August, falling on the bank holiday, it is two days of pure enjoyment with everyone and anyone. We live, love, laugh at every carnival!

Check out my editorial creative directed and shoot coordinated by me.

The Vibe is always freeing to me. Therapeutic in a way. (Carnival Looks @TrinityTDC)
There will always be conspiracy to dismantle events that promote black empowerment…thats how institutionalised racism works. (Earrings – @KaydaviesArtist, Crochet bra let @KnotsandVibes)
For two days straight black beauty rules the streets of West London. (Carnival Looks @TrinityTDC)
Its not just a street party…its a rebellion. (Earrings @KayDavisArtist, Crochet bralet @KnotsandVibes)
Carnival Looks @TrinityTDC
Carnival Looks @TrinityTDC
Carnival Instax
Carnival Looks @TrinityTDC

Thanks to the Glam Squad – Photographer: Seye Isikalu, MUA – Rasheeda OTS, Stylist – Naomi Gray. Thank you to the brands who took part – Trinitytdc, Knots & Vibes, Kay Davis, Coops London.

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  1. hh1962hh says:

    Congratulations Mulan. This is shows how powerful your work becomes, when you have a purpose and a mission….and joy and beauty don’t get compromised, rather the opposite. Very well done


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