Bleaching is a survival technique #SelfCare Sundays 8

‘Bleaching is a survival technique’  I say this because as a dark-skinned girl growing up in the western world I understand the pressures of society. The same goes for getting a relaxer and wearing a weave. It’s a survival technique we as black women have adopted to live in a society which upholds European beauty…


I knew before I finished my first term, in first year of university that I had absolutely no interest in a law career…


Paris… The city of love. Filled with beautiful architecture, Fashion and Art. The lovely people at Hotel Sezz invited me and the team to review their hotel for a few nights, naturally I grabbed this opportunity.

Day 2 – Mulan In Morocco

‘charmed by the oasis where the matisse colours mingled with those with nature…’ Yves Saint Laurent

Day 1- Mulan In Morocco

Your bartering skills need to be on another level or they will take you for everything you have.


It’s mid May, Summer is nearly here and once again I’m at a point when all I really want to do is hop on a plane and get lost somewhere new.