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One of my besties bakes cakes @Bambi_Bakes we studied together, lived together, laughed together and cried together…she is one of the best things to come from university.

First and foremost congratulations on making it to the end! Getting that shot of you chucking your graduate hat in the air whilst holding that certificate of dedication and commitment.


Regardless of your grade be extremely proud of yourself for completing something you personally started.

Its a celebration every time we link up!

As you enter the realm of the ‘real’ world, have no fear. After 21 or more years of dealing with the institutionalised education system, its now time to make your mark in society. Whether you know the next step or not, my advise to you is to dream big and don’t stop.

@Bambi_Bakes on Instagram. Best cakes in town from London – Dubai

You may not further a career with the degree you achieved as sad as this may be this is reality for half of university attendants…myself included.

For those who studied their degree and loved it, I hope you go on to find that perfect dream job for your dream career. I salute you for finding your passion and pursuing it to the end! Doctors, lawyers, engineers, school teachers, etc, all professions are needed and appreciated.

We all studied the same degree but only one of us is still a lawyer.

I knew before I finished my first term, in first year of university, that I had absolutely no interest in a career in law. Multiple career days, open days and mentoring could not ignite any love for this degree.

My friends baby…she had him in final year and graduated with a First in law!

I did however explore other options whilst at university and kept my soul alive with the likes of tumblr and photography.

I first discovered yoga in my second year of uni. It saved me.

If you managed to find a different passion whilst studying don’t be afraid to pursue it. In life we are told to master one thing, ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’. Considering that we use around 10% of our brain its okay to master more than one thing, in fact its normal.

Britain & Irelands Next Top Model Finalist…all whilst studying. Loving Life.

Do not compare or compete with anyone but yourself.

Alonuko Bridal Show – I helped coordinate and creative direct as well as provide creative services.

Your journey in life is not for your parents or friends to dictate. Only you will know what truly derives excitement from within. Follow your heart, your passion and don’t be stressed if you haven’t got it all mapped out.

I Blew my last bit of university money on a last minute trip to Miami…No Regrets.

Travel…Travel…Travel even if you only have 6weeks holiday in a year…use it to explore and meet new people. Good luck and God bless!

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Once again…Congratulations! @Bambi_Bakes

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  1. Congratulations on your graduation!
    Be willing to continue leaping forward, continue building and continue growing.
    And don’t forget to be happy along the way 🙂


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