Betty Boop





Betty Boop

The importance of confidence is underplayed. Be sure of yourself and walk confidently in your path. Do not allow other peoples fears, assumptions or insecurities penetrate your sphere of greatness.


Doubt is the cousin of fear.

Asos Ginger Coat x By Sun

My baby sister is so sure of herself and her abilities, at the tender age of 12 she has already declared her importance to the world. When I asked her why she has instagram and why people follow her… in her words, ‘I know I have something important to say and so do they…’. 


Asos Ginger Coat x By Sun x Asos Chelsea Boots

No matter your age, certainty of who you are and your abilities are paramount to success.  

Asos Ginger Coat x By Sun x Asos Chelsea Boots

If you havent watched ‘Top Boy’ check it out here! Theres a part of the documentary that really resonated with me…Skeptas epiphany when discussing defining moments in his career. Realising that you can have more than one defining moment really breaks down the journey. The little steps are just as important as the big.

By Sun

Be proud of the things you do. Enjoying the steps is highly gratifying and portrays gratitude.


There will be some negatives but you cant appreciate the good without the bad. Believe in yourself and your vision.

Photography Anya Sandul

Styling Alex Canizares

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  1. This post is perfection- beautiful look and a really important message. 🙂


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