Count your blessings and learn from your lessons.

Charlotte Simone Sas Caps x Miss Sixty

Never take happiness for granted. Practise awareness of the positive things in your life. Make the conscious effort to surround yourself with other positive people. Be grateful for their existence. Happy outcomes are not solely the result of your own hard work but also depends on the efforts of others.


Charlotte Simone x NYDJ faux fur x Miss Sixty

Write down the goals you achieved in 2015 and how you achieved them. Give thanks to those who helped along the way. Give thanks to yourself for taking your power and using it in a positive way. Any obstacles or challenges you faced you managed to overcome.



Set out your goals for 2016…what you wish to achieve and how you will achieve. Speaking things into existence is important. The grass isn’t greener on the other side, it is greener where you water it…Acting on what you’ve said is even more important. If you really want it you will take the time to get it.


Rewire your brain and unleash everything great in your life. Focus on the positives bringing you happiness.


I’m grateful for my team! My readers and followers. For all the messages I’ve received. Especially the readers who opened up to me and told me how much my post/messages have helped them.


I want to keep meeting new people. Learning about different cultures. Gaining a wider perspective of life.


Photography Anya Sandul

Stylist Alex Canizares 

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