Summer in Nicce

My Favourite Summer Nicce pieces London in the sun is a beautiful place to be! Taking us into the warm season is Nicce SS16 collection. I decided to put together my favourite summer Nicce pieces. Their loose fitting summer dress patterned with a new palm print; Perfect for the chilled out occasions summer provides. I…

The word Tsaka means happiness

Happiness What does happiness mean to you? Taking off your bra at the end of a long, hard working day. Checking your bank account and seeing pay day has arrived! The waiter bringing you your food at a restaurant. Whatever your cause for celebration, the feeling of happiness is one we strive for throughout life….


Paris… The city of love. Filled with beautiful architecture, Fashion and Art. The lovely people at Hotel Sezz invited me and the team to review their hotel for a few nights, naturally I grabbed this opportunity.

Day 2 – Mulan In Morocco

‘charmed by the oasis where the matisse colours mingled with those with nature…’ Yves Saint Laurent

Freelance Retrograde

Not for the faint hearted Freelance – Self employed and hired to work for different companies on particular assignments. Retrograde -Reverting to an earlier and inferior position. Times are changing! More and more people are taking the freelance route.  In the absence of rules and regulations, the creative industry has become a saturated melting pot of creative…

Mid – Year Crisis

May is coming to an end. There are 6 months left in 2016. As I type this I swallow a lump in my throat. I can feel a Mid-year crisis coming on.


It’s mid May, Summer is nearly here and once again I’m at a point when all I really want to do is hop on a plane and get lost somewhere new.

If Not Love Then What

Whats in your love tank? Its valentines day this weekend! I decided to do a bit of digging and diving to find out the secrets to a successful loving relationship. Gary Chapman is convinced there are 5 basic love languages. In his book ‘The five love languages’ Gary outlines five different ways we emotionally express love…


Communication The Key To Success Pinch…punch..first of the month and all that jazz! I tend to spend January reflecting and adjusting to the New Year. By the time February comes around the new years resolutions are either out of the window or being implemented. One of my main new years resolutions is improving my communication…

Mind, Body & Soul

Energise   So the sun has left us and the gym is rammed. Fighting the January blues whilst ridding myself of all that holiday food. I wrote something similar last year…guess what…the seasons are a cycle. Same topic…but I’ve found some new remedies for not just the body but mind and soul. As cliche as…