Freelance Retrograde

Not for the faint hearted

Freelance – Self employed and hired to work for different companies on particular assignments.

Retrograde -Reverting to an earlier and inferior position.


Times are changing! More and more people are taking the freelance route.  In the absence of rules and regulations, the creative industry has become a saturated melting pot of creative souls, struggling to get paid or get paid On Time.

As a freelancer myself I enjoy the pros and cons of the lifestyle. However with the rise of Bloggers/Vloggers our online status i.e. following has added an extra layer to the word ‘exposure’.


Within the creative industry your worth can now be reduced to an @. I call it the ‘Pay By @’ trend. Businesses and companies have latched on to this idea, offering exposure in exchange for time. Unbeknownst to us the enticing follow count that most of these companies boast are a make up of shop bought followers and likes. So in reality the ‘exposure’ being promised is more than likely to an audience of fake bots.


Social media is the catalyst to this retrograde. How do you pay your mortgage with a credit (@) on instagram? Can I buy a loaf of bread in Sainsburies with this @? Its time as freelancers to take back our worth with a ‘Fuck You Pay Me’ attitude.

How can we as freelancers make a change? Start charging. Value your time, energy and skills. Have the courage to say No. Hold out for the paid jobs. Do not sell yourself short, if the budget is too small do not accept the job. Negotiate the right rate for you, only you can put a rate on your worth. 


If you ever choose to work for free, you must understand why. In any type of field, the more you practise the better you become. Be proactive by collaborating is a good thing as you meet and greet new people, different ideas come together and you create something unique. However you must know the difference between a collaboration and a job. Do not be exploited or blinded by the wrong type of numbers. Social media is not the only way to promote your work and get clients. 

Turn your hobby into a job by knowing when to say No to free labour.


Photography Anya Sandul

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  1. lovekept says:

    Well said hunnie xoxo


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