Surya Namaskar

Mulan In Morocc0

Ive never been to Morocco before… in fact I’d never been to the North of Africa, so when the opportunity arose for me to go for my birthday I took it with open arms. I’d heard great thing about Moroccan culture, from friends so I knew this was going to be a memorable venture.

Boohoo – Direct link to dress

 On my first morning I woke up extremely early, feeling blessed with energy. I grabbed my yoga mat and headed to the roof. Me and the team were staying in a beautiful guest house, the views were incredible!


It was only 7am but it seemed like the whole world was awake. I could hear prayers being chanted in a nearby mosque. The markets were already set up, bustling with energy and conversation. By the time I had finished my yoga session the rest of the team had joined me to sunbathe on the roof.


After putting on this floral summer dress from boohoo, I went back to join the team and enjoy my champagne breakfast.


I recently stumbled across a practise called Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) meaning – bow down to the sun every morning. It is a common sequence of Asanas, a yoga practise with numerous health benefits. A little drop of knowledge for natural ways to release stress, strengthen the body, build mental focus and all of that good stuff.


Practise this sequence x 10 every morning for a month and notice the difference.


Photography – Hypemari

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