A Mojito or 2


Restaurant Review

My first full day in Morocco fell on my birthday so after enjoying my champagne breakfast we went out to explore the beautiful country. The evening was planned already, an exquisite birthday dinner followed by lots of cocktails.


After a trip to the local market, weighed down with trinklets and gifts we returned to our guest house bewildered by our experience. We had to chill for a moment. The maze like roads and sun beating down on our heads was not a good combo. I had to get myself together and find energy because going to bed early on your birthday is not permitted.


We changed plans and decided to eat locally. Coming from rainy London to the rising temperatures of Morocco played against the whole team. We Were Knackered! So we strolled down to a nearby restaurant called Limoni. We had stuck our heads in to catch a glimpse on the way back from the market and loved what we saw.


Recommended by trip advisor with 4.5 stars, it was a stunning restaurant and had an inside outside type of feel. Decorated with a white and red colour palette, the restaurant had a square like structure and open air roof in the centre, just above a small fountain. Very picturesque.


I went for a traditional Lamb Tagine, it was very much worth the price, the portions were generous and the lamb succulent. Due to it being my born day and the best day on earth they gave us some drinks on the house.


The service was brilliant they were very attentive to our needs. In fact we liked it so much we went back a further 2 times. By our third trip they knew our names and gave us the best seats in the house every time. Plus it was a walk away from our guest house.


My only criticism is their poor music choice. They should stick to the traditional Moroccan sounds instead of opera. However Limoni did give of a classical theme to its appearance but for the sake of my ears ild prefer Moroccan vibes any day.

Photography – Hypemari

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