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So the sun has left us and the gym is rammed. Fighting the January blues whilst ridding myself of all that holiday food. I wrote something similar last year…guess what…the seasons are a cycle. Same topic…but I’ve found some new remedies for not just the body but mind and soul.


As cliche as it sounds, exercise is the only thing that energises me when I’m low. Times like these (short days and long nights) my Chaturangas will be perfected in the comfort of my home. Relishing from the thrill of my own playlist.


Depending on how much you love music your workout playlist may hold the key to success ha. Music has a huge impact on our emotions and because of this, evokes memories.


When demotivated I update and refresh with new feel good music. If unfamiliar to you I definitely advice you to try it.

 Mind & Soul


Tips to make you feel brighter and better!


The Wheel Of Life

This is a format used by some life coaches.


Draw a wheel with eight spokes. Each spoke represents eight areas of your life.

  1. Health
  2. Family/Friends
  3. Work/Career
  4. Money
  5. Social Life
  6. Physical Environment
  7. Personal Growth/Spirituality
  8. Partner/Relationship
Social life is in reference to fun & recreation. Personal growth/spirituality can be in regards to religion, interests or hobbies.


Give each category a score out of 10. Any area you score below 5 you need to focus on.


Some of us may feel like every category in the wheel of life scores 5 or below right now.


Everyone has those moments. If so, pick 1 from the 3…you have to start somewhere. Visualise what you want to see in that aspect of your life, then put it on paper and hang it in your bedroom.


Its a gentle reminder of what you need to be focusing on. We get so caught up with life that its easy to forget. Losing focus and becoming overwhelmed by everything. Breaking it downs helps.

Look after your wellbeing.


White Crop Sports bra This Is Aday, Shorts Topshop, Coat ASOS

Photography Ailera

Styling/Creative Direction – Isabelle Nabanja

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