My Natural Hair

My Natural Hair Journey


Its been over a year since I decided to go natural. For about 3 months I struggled daily with resisting the temptation to relax my hair. For it broke many combs and received a few insults…yet I stayed strong in my commitment.

Mulan (1)

In my past life, every 6-8 weeks relaxer needed to be reapplied to my roots. I found myself timing my holidays, events…life….around these appointments. I released myself from this oppression and by doing so I have my life back. My crown of hair is thankful!


I refused to return to my relaxer hair lifestyle. That creamy crack no longer had a hold over me. I became attached to my new and reformed natural hair. Alongside all of its difficulties I am blessed with 3 more different hairstyles in return.


What I mean is…when embracing my natural afro hair and finally seeing its beauty I have learnt how to do so much more with it. The hairstyles are endless, the creativity never stops. Afro hair defies Gravity, anything so magical should be celebrated not shunned.

Shout out to my baby sister who motivated the change! Shoutout to God for blessing me with strong edges. Shout out to all the hairstylists who know how to treat and look after natural hair. You are the real MVPs.

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