Florals And Forgiveness

Forgiveness On Three Levels

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You may not know this but the first steps to forgiveness is forgiving yourself. Letting go of your ego and accepting that you put yourself in a vulnerable position. Forgive yourself for doing so and move on to forgiving those who took advantage.

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I used to think forgiving people would make me forget what they did to me. Therefore leading me to get shafted all over again. This is not true. If I let go of my judgement I free myself. I let go of the ego that has led me to believe unforgiveness gives me some sort of power.

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After taking in The Secret I realised I was getting in my own way. Forgiving people who have hurt you or abused your trust creates a clear path to attract what you want. We attract what we put out. If it’s resentment and pain were holding onto, it becomes the energy we put out.

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Another level to forgiveness is seeking forgiveness from others. Apologising to the people you may have hurt and rectifying any wrongs. I saw it happen in an episode of ‘My Name Is Earl’ he wrote a list of all the people he hurt and set about saying sorry.

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Holding on to guilt, shame regret or sorrow will stop you from remembering your pasts good times! The other day a friend played a song by Fela Kuti. It took me back to a young memory…me being 5 or 6. My dad putting on that vinyl record whilst my mum ironed. Dancing around and being happy. We learn from our past but it’s also meant to remind us of good times. Do not forget that.

Photography – Anya Sandul



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