Bleaching is a survival technique #SelfCare Sundays 8

‘Bleaching is a survival technique’  I say this because as a dark-skinned girl growing up in the western world I understand the pressures of society. The same goes for getting a relaxer and wearing a weave. It’s a survival technique we as black women have adopted to live in a society which upholds European beauty…

Acceptance #SelfCare Sundays 2

‘Did you want to die?’…’No, I just didn’t want to hurt anymore.’ To discover ones purpose one must be able to think clearly. 2017 was a break through year for me. I had a chance to stand still and look at life as if I had already lived it. Truth be told I had lived….


Paris… The city of love. Filled with beautiful architecture, Fashion and Art. The lovely people at Hotel Sezz invited me and the team to review their hotel for a few nights, naturally I grabbed this opportunity.

Day 3 – Mulan In Morocco

ESSAOUIRA If you know me, you know I love Game Of Thrones…after hearing that Essaouria is the backdrop from where Daenerys Targaryen purchased her army of unsullied soldiers I had to see it for myself! I arranged the trip with our driver to take us to the windy Atlantic coast, SouthWest of Marrakesh to the small city…

Day 2 – Mulan In Morocco

‘charmed by the oasis where the matisse colours mingled with those with nature…’ Yves Saint Laurent

Day 1- Mulan In Morocco

Your bartering skills need to be on another level or they will take you for everything you have.