Day 3 – Mulan In Morocco


If you know me, you know I love Game Of Thrones…after hearing that Essaouria is the backdrop from where Daenerys Targaryen purchased her army of unsullied soldiers I had to see it for myself!

I arranged the trip with our driver to take us to the windy Atlantic coast, SouthWest of Marrakesh to the small city of Essaouira. It was 3hours away but luckily we had our portable speakers and snacks ready for the journey.


I put on my crotchet bikini and some loose easy pants, ready to be thrown off at the first sign of a beach.


The port city Essaouira is known for its laid back charm luring the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Cat Stevens back in the sixties.


Its an easy going city and before the day was over we made lots of new friends in music and arts business. There happened to be a show that evening which one of the artists invited us to…even offered us a place to stay!


I loved the hospitality and friendliness of everyone in Essaouira, locals were bird watching and fishing, I was relishing from the crisp salt air. Along the beach were adorable little huts selling fresh orange juice smoothies.


Essaouria is one of the more tranquil spots in Morocco. With a nearby nature resort, golfing, they call it a real city for idlers. In 2013, the television show “Voyages” selsected Essaouria as one of the “Ten Happiest Destinations” on Earth. To be idle is clearly to be happy.


It was a much needed break from the city of red, Marrakech which was much more fast pace. We did a bit of kite surfing, ate some fresh fish and took in the beauty and relaxed nature of the city.


Photographer Hypemari 

Brands – River Island Jewellery, Forget Not Label

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