Day 4 Mulan In Morocco

Underneath The Palm Trees

Day 4 and I finally got to wear my favourite outfit! I laid eyes on this unique masterpiece two weeks prior whilst holiday shopping. It was perfect for the weather with its breezy light material and vibrant colours.

Scotch & Soda x Forget Me Not crotchet bra

That day we decided to take it easy and explore more of our local surroundings. We left our Riad and instead of turning right this time we turned left. Sometimes a change of direction is all you need for a new adventure.

IMG_0760_EDIT (1)

We ended up eating on a rooftop of a family run restaurant we stumbled across. Overlooking Marrakech we could see the bustle of the medina.

IMG_0782_EDIT (1)


They happened to own this buggy which I was keen to ride. I felt obliged to jump on and take it for a quick spin.

IMG_0785_EDITIll never forget this day…the outfit, my mindset and the things that happened. Adventure is good for the soul.


Photographer – Hypemari


Scotch & Soda, Forget me not label.


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