Skydive for Sickle Cell


…for real this time.

This year I decided to conquer all of my fears and really look at the bigger picture. Based on this decision I booked a skydive back in November although I’ve done indoor skydiving the real deal will always be better. At that point in time, my actions were spontaneous but raising funds via the skydive took a lot of thought and consideration especially when deciding on the charity of choice.

I have decided to donate the raised funds to the sickle cell society. The UK’s leading sickle cell charity. As a sickle cell trait carrier and knowing people with sickle cell disorder I feel like there is not enough awareness. I’ve known a few people who have died from sickle cell and would really like to help find a cure or enable more research. For that reason I would like to raise as much funds as possible to assist making this happen.

What is Sickle Cell

Simply put…Sickle Cell is a blood disorder which effects the red blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen around the body. The red blood cells develop abnormally in sickle cell sufferers making it hard for the cells to travel around the body. It can also block blood vessels resulting in organ or tissue damage and episodes of severe pain (nothing pain killers can cure). The pain can last from several hours to several months. The abnormal blood cells have half the lifespan as normal blood cells. Blood transfusions are a must for most patients of sickle cell.

The cause is hereditary. It is inherited and passed on through the genes. If two people with sickle cell trait have a child there is a one if four chance that the child will be born with sickle cell. In the UK, Sickle Cell is now the most common serious genetic disorder. Carrier rates vary by ethnicity and are estimated at 1:7 African and 1:540 in white British babies. For more information NHS and The Sickle Cell Society.

How we can help

Give blood. Blood transfusions are an effective treatment for sickle cell complications although they are only used selectively. Regular supply of all blood groups and types are needed for hospitals and patients. However some rare subtypes are more common in black communities which is why we need more donors from Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.

Raising funds for research education and more sickle cell specialist centres. More research and more funds will help to reduce mortality, the incidence and severity of sickle cell crises and other acute complications. Prevent organ damage, improve quality of life and increase life expectancy. Achieve affective pain relief during crisis with minimal adverse effects.

The Jump

I will be jumping at the end of the month (March) which leaves just over 30days to raise as much funds as possible. I would like to raise double the amount specified. Donate here. or search ‘Skydive for sickle cell’ on the website.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Barbara Betz says:

    Hi, It’s wonderful that you are raising money for Sickle Cell but if you have the trait is it OK for you to sky dive? Just wondering because my son has the trait and he wants to sky dive and I’m a little nervous about that.


    1. mulanitoje says:

      Hi Barbara, thanks reading! It’s absolutely fine if you have the trait and skydive. Mulan x


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