The word Tsaka means happiness

Happiness What does happiness mean to you? Taking off your bra at the end of a long, hard working day. Checking your bank account and seeing pay day has arrived! The waiter bringing you your food at a restaurant. Whatever your cause for celebration, the feeling of happiness is one we strive for throughout life….


I knew before I finished my first term, in first year of university that I had absolutely no interest in a law career…


Paris… The city of love. Filled with beautiful architecture, Fashion and Art. The lovely people at Hotel Sezz invited me and the team to review their hotel for a few nights, naturally I grabbed this opportunity.

Day 5 – Mulan In Morocco

Paradise Valley Morning Trek This beautiful Oasis was about an hour drive away from our riad. Located in the Moroccan high Atlas mountains the valley is known for its abundance of rock pools and small waterfalls. Being one of the most popular day trips we booked it as soon as we arrived. I packed a…

Day 3 – Mulan In Morocco

ESSAOUIRA If you know me, you know I love Game Of Thrones…after hearing that Essaouria is the backdrop from where Daenerys Targaryen purchased her army of unsullied soldiers I hadĀ to see it for myself! IĀ arranged the trip with our driver to take us to the windy Atlantic coast, SouthWest of Marrakesh to the small city…

Day 2 – Mulan In Morocco

‘charmed by the oasis where the matisse colours mingled with those with nature…’ Yves Saint Laurent

Day 1- Mulan In Morocco

Your bartering skills need to be on another level or they will take you for everything you have.

A Mojito or 2

Limoni Restaurant Review My first full day in Morocco fell on my birthday so after enjoying my champagne breakfast we went out to explore the beautiful country. The evening was planned already, an exquisite birthday dinner followed by lots of cocktails. After a trip to the local market, weighed down with trinklets and gifts we…